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New Year, Old You

As we are approaching the new year, the anxiety of becoming a new person kicks in. We self-reflect over the past year, and assume the pressure of somehow, miraculously, becoming a new person overnight.

I don’t believe in temporary, instant change. These types of changes usually don’t last as they are impulsive. Instead, I challenge you to change your life, and lifestyle habits step-by-step. I ask you to be easy on yourself. Slow down on judgment against yourself and the world around you. I ask you to understand that life happens, and things happen – not to you, but for you. Every challenge conquered is a lesson learned. Everything happens in your life just the way it should. Relief the stress and anxiety attached to your expectations of yourself and the plan you have for your life. Just be. Learn to love and accept yourself just the way that you are.

That would be a good New Year resolution: Acceptance of YOU just the way you are, just the way you were. And an open mind and heart for what will come and become in your life.

Accepting the “Old You” and welcoming it into the new year doesn’t mean that you will repeat the same “mistakes”. It just means that you have learned, you are growing and ever changing. And not overnight, but over a lifetime.

Embrace and overcome memories of emotional pain, mental torture and destructive patterns. Understand that these experiences were on your path in order for you to grow and lead you to your new destinations.

I wish you a Happy New Year with the old you. Once you accept that version of you, only then you are ready to truly march forward not into a “New You”, but into an improved version of the real you.

Love and Peace,


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