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Keeping a Healthy Holiday Season

The holidays are a great time to connect with loved ones, and enjoy your family, although it can also be a stressful and an emotional time, depending on whether your loved ones are around to celebrate with you or not, and also on the quantity of food you consume.

Keeping the holiday season cheerful yet realistic is key.

Lower your expectations…and stress level

We often build up expectations around the holiday that are supposed to match up with our childhood memories. Remove expectations from loved ones to attend, from gifts to be received, or given and just focus on what you have in your life – even if it’s not physically, tangibly around you or in your hands. Allow yourself to enjoy your time off from work and focus on relaxing at home. Regardless of attendance, visits and gift giving expectations.

Leave Self-reflection to next year

This is the time of year where we self-reflect and think about the past year. All the dreams, goals, expectations we had of ourselves were either achieved, or not. We tend to put too much value and weight on this month like it is the verdict of our year. Instead, just treat it like another month. Like just any other month. Leave the pressure of self-reflecting, guilt and pressure for next year…or just skip it all together.

Don’t fall in the Food Trap

Stress eating kicks into over drive during the holidays season. With all the visitors, or lack of them, and all the pressure of shopping and gift giving, we start eating our way into comfort.

You can perfectly enjoy the holidays with great food and a glass of wine or egg nog, but don’t dive into a food coma and get buried in mountains of food. You can enjoy all the pleasure that your taste buds can provide by tasting and eating smaller portions of the exact same dishes, no need to over consume the food.

Keep Your Daily Routine

If you adopted a healthy daily routine of working out, drinking water, taking walks in nature, or meditation, make sure to keep these habits going during the holiday season, wherever you are. Keeping your life as familiar as possible will reduce your stress and will help keep your body and mind going without shocking them.

Take a Break

At the same time, it’s also ok to pause for a bit, sink into gratefulness and just take a deep breath and enjoy doing nothing. Sit back, relax, enjoy the lights outside, the cooking scents in your home, the smiles around you, and soak it all in.

Give The gift of Health

Buy your loved ones a copy of my book ONDAMED! A story of love, healing & medical revolution. They will thank you for that 😊

Keeping a healthy body and mind during the holidays is key to make these memorable times leave a good impression in your mind and on your guests.

Have a blissful jolly time!

With love,


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