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Our Healing Venture: GREECE Intensive Healing Retreat

I was looking forward to sharing my experience with you after our first annual Intensive Healing Retreat in Greece. Experiences like that remind me of my purpose and mission in life, and seeing firsthand the impact I can have on people through ONDAMED and beyond is what gives me the fuel to keep going.

So here is a recap of our Healing Retreat in Greece last month;

  • We were a small and private group of 5 participants. Just the way I like it, as it allows me to personalize and customize the experience each of the attendees gets and assure maximum benefits.

  • Throughout the day we did different treatments as well as enjoyed each other’s company during dinners and lunches.

Some of the treatments we shared:

  • I dedicated 1.5 hours per day for ONDAMED treatments including homeopathy, Bach Flowers, and more inducing emotional release from crying to laughing, in the process of opening and transforming the participants into their true self.

  • Every day from 9am-6pm we used different therapeutic methods to awaken the body and soul for healing, including; Dorn spinal adjustments with Breuss massages, Indian stamping, euphoric massages, reflexology and other various body wraps and scrubs.

  • We spent 2 hours a day soaking in healing waters and salt chambers.

  • We used eucalyptus steam room to detox, all driving to detox and toxins release.

Participants experienced increase in sweat, bowl movement release, better sleep, less pain, more movability, and overall increased happiness with themselves and their life and less stress. The signs were visible as participants started to show bright eyes, straighter back pastures, and a more relaxed demeanor.

Some of the miracles we experienced:

  • An 85-year-old woman who came in a wheelchair and with a personal assisting nurse was able to walk on her own with no support or the wheelchair after only two sessions of ONDAMED with me. She didn’t need help to get out of bed anymore.

  • A 60 year old smoker, reduced the quantity from 40 to only 5 cigarettes a day after one ONDAMED smoking sensation treatment.

Here are some of the testimonials we have received post the healing retreat:

“I expected a quality experience at the Intensive Healing Retreat in Greece because it was hosted by Ondamed's CEO and Founder of the Binder Institute for Personalized Medicine & staff and I know from personal experience that Ondamed as a company and ONDAMED as technology consistently delivers in exceeding expectations.

The myriad ONDAMED training courses, and sponsored trips I have attended in the past have always been more than enlightening and have far surpassed even their own agendas in quality and individualized customization. However, I did not expect that this retreat would be completely life-changing. In the ten days I spent in beautiful Greece with Dr. Silvia Binder and her carefully chosen colleagues, my outlook on life was entirely transformed.

I arrived in Greece both physically and mentally weary, almost totally defeated by my life’s circumstances, and overall physically ill. By the time I departed, I was physically rejuvenated, mentally clear, and solution focused for the first time in at least ten years. I was prepared for returning home to face any challenges with a new strength, vision, and a peace I cannot even explain. Silvia, as usual, took an ultra-personal and tailored approach to my overall restoration that I can only describe as both deeply intuitive and efficient to a level that few other practitioners will ever achieve because most don’t care to put the effort into the end result.

Each attendee received their own individualized level of personal and tailored care. For this reason alone, Silvia limits the number of attendees she will accept for an Intensive Healing Retreat so she is able to provide such a high standard of care. This extra and focused effort is what places Silvia and the Ondamed team far above other practitioners and entities into a unique and rare echelon of providers.

I cannot recommend the Intensive Healing Retreat strongly enough for anyone who is severely ill, or might be in need of help of any sort, and for anyone who is starting to see a decline in functioning in any area of their lives that could eventually lead to unhappiness and disease.

My advice for someone in one of these situations or anywhere in between would be to lock down a spot in an upcoming Intensive Healing Retreat as soon as possible, whether in Greece or in Germany, and trust Silvia and her team of diverse and highly-skilled colleagues to assess you and rescue you while there is still time.

The Intensive Healing Retreat was a five-star experience in every way.”

Blake N. USA


“I like to thank you again for the amazing time I had in Greece. It was real pleasure to meet Silvia – she has such beautiful energy, warmth and a smile that is rare to find. You have organized fantastic retreat for us. I enjoyed every moment of it.

With Silvia's ONDAMED treatments, 2 or 3 massages a day and swimming in the spring waters, I was never more pampered in my life.

I came back home full of energy, I can now breath better, my spine is straight and I'm smoking much less (from 40 to 5 cigarettes a day). The hotel, food, all the treatments and atmosphere were fantastic. I wish I was still there with you.”




“Thank You for organizing this amazing Healing Retreat program. We returned home healthier, more energized and happier. We experienced ONDAMED and received Dorn and Body treatments and were bathing in the healthiest warm water of Evia, Greek's 2nd largest island. We ate healthy food and enjoyed evening dinners with 6 participants outside in the Thermae Sylla Spa hotel. Contacts I would like to keep forever...this break was needed.” Krystyna H. Canada


"The time I spent at the Healing Retreat with Dr. Nalinee and her mom is wonderful. Even though I was not part of the retreat itself, I felt like I was also being treated because of the energy the retreat was giving to each of its participants. It was a great experience for me even though I was just in a supporting role, assisting Mrs. Vansiri as her nurse during the retreat.

I was able to experience DORN and Ondamed treatments. I was able to learn more about ONDAMED and how it works and helps the body. The DORN was new for me and it definitely helped with muscle relaxation. The healing water was good too. It is very compatible with the Ondamed and DORN.

Dr. Silvia and Ms. Crissy showed a lot of dedication to healing other people and it inspired me to help others too.

In summary, the Healing Retreat really heals not only the physical body but also the mind and spirit."

Ais Ais is the nurse of Dr. Nalinee's mother from Thailand. She is 86 and only moved around in a wheelchair. She was able to walk even as long as 30 minutes after 2 days of treatments. She slept better, and having been constipated most of her life, she had 2-3 bowel movements per day.

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