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Love. Relationships. Pain.

Love. Relationships. Pain.

It’s all created in our mind first. We have a vision of what we want, desire, to feel and experience and we then attach it to a person, an individual, expecting them to fulfill all of that. We most of of the time end up disappointed. We then turn inwards and blame ourselves, and find lacks in us that we believe have brought that feeling upon us.

That is the torturing experience of the self-reflecting, self-aware soul. This will not be the journey of an un-aware spirit, as they will out-reflect and find all the wrong in the other person in front of them. But not the self-reflecting soul. This soul will find all the “wrong” within.

A great part of healing yourself and your spirit is learning to self-reflect without abusing yourself. Learning to love yourself through all your faults and imperfections. Learning that you are perfect just the way you are.

The easiest way to reach self-love is loving yourself the way you were – as a child. Starting there. And loving yourself as your own parent does.

My son Randy was born with what medical experts claimed as an “imperfect” heart. His heart was positioned wrong, and he was given a poor quality of life with standard surgery. His father and I decided for a progressive surgery with a high risk to survive it.

All went very well. He was 2 then. When he was 5, he was diagnosed with a large thrombus on the heart valve and medication did not work. This was when I started my treatments on him. I fixed as much of it as I could using ONDAMED to keep him alive.

Within a few months of him getting healthy, I continued to focus him on wholesome nutrition along with ONDAMED treatments.

The one thing I couldn’t “fix” is how his heart feels. And it feels a lot. It’s overwhelmingly feeling – all the time. That is his gift, and at times his curse. But it’s such a beautiful curse…

Enjoy his gift to you:

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