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Using your gift, energy, and talent to help people, change their life, change the world, and make them better, driven by passion and eagerness to make an impact, yet limited by the tools, channels and knowledge given to you as a professional. Let me help you help others.

Using our gift and talent to help is challenging. There are so many unanswered questions. So many variables. So many factors…and lack of clarity to support our decision in the path we are choosing for our patients.

ONDAMED, and The Binder Institute, were established to help you navigate through that maze and help you detect and support healing of cellular dysfunctions within the body. Years of case studies and thousands of physicians attest to the power ONDAMED added to their practice in discovery and healing.

You, being part of our family, have been receiving emails and newsletters from us, in hopes to either enhance your experience with your ONDAMED device and programs or out of curiosity without yet adopting a device and the program into your practice. Both are admirable and encouraged, and now I can offer you two additional ways to get engaged and create impact:

  1. Get the book, ONDAMED, a story of love, healing & medical revolution. Discover the story behind this life changing revolution and get the insights you need to use it to make an impact.

  2. Join our two-week intensive healing retreat, where both you and/or your patients can experience The Binder Institute, ONDAMED, Silvia Binder and other revolutionary non-traditional healing methods to transform your life, their life and your practice.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

With love,

Silvia Binder

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