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Some of My Best Friends Are Germs

Truly, a must-read!

Often I am asked if I could state for what condition ONDAMED worked the best. While our therapeutic solution is not one of addressing disease or symptoms, but focusing on the root cause, I must say that over twelve years I have been able to witness an incredible amount of Lyme patients worldwide who show the most significant health improvement and life transformations. I am seeing people bound to their beds, incapable of leading a normal life or contributing to their families and communities. They suffer from lack of sleep and energy, they are in pain most of the time and consequently barely move while their joy to live shrinks with every day’s increasing struggles. The longer and more they suffer, the less vibrant their bodies are filled with life force; AND these are the people with the biggest turn-arounds. They often go from a state of being bed-ridden to starting their own practice, giving back to their communities offering a therapy that has changed their lives.

They stand on solid ground. They have earned the right to reach out and touch the lives of those Lyme sufferers with what they know has worked for them to overcome all or most of their health challenges. Certainly, everyone is different and results vary based on a number of factors.

Yes, I am here to tell you that there is hope. Don’t wait. Find yourself an ONDAMED practitioner in your area. This is simple. Visit our website and click on “Find a Practitioner” or invest into your own personal device and start this powerful therapy from the comfort of your own home. You deserve being well and joyful.

Gratefully & Smilingly Yours,


Silvia Binder, N.D., Ph.D.

CEO of the Ondamed Companies Germany and New York


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